Mother kills her autistic son because voices in her head asked her to do it

floating, doll, waterIn an act of madness Jillian McCabe carried her autistic kindergartener London Grey and threw him over the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregon. The disturbed mother called the police and told them what she did. She described in detail what her son was wearing and told them that he was "in the water and gone." A rescue mission was organized soon after the call, but sadly it was too late. The lifeless body of six-year-old London was found floating in the Yaquina bay.


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Jillian claimed that the voices in her head told her to end her son's life. She believed her autistic boy was suffering and she wanted to give him a chance to a better life. The thirty- four-year-old video blogger created a YouTube channel in 2010 soon after her husband Matt, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She clearly had a lot on her plate and wasn't able to handle it. Her husband told the police that little London was always with her because they didn't want to leave him alone with babysitters since he was autistic.

This crime sounds very familiar. There have been other notorious cases of mother dealing with mental illness or postpartum depression that end up killing their children. I'm devastated! Jillian was charged with aggravated murder, first-degree and second-degree manslaughter, but her family is trying to convince the prosecutors that she is mentally ill. If they knew that, what didn't they help her? I don't understand why they waited until she killed her own son. The woman was clearly crying for help and trying to tell the world how she felt through the videos.

My heart is broken in a thousand pieces. I'm so sad because that sweet little boy didn't have to die. He had just started kindergarten and his life was just beginning. The entire town of Waldport is shocked and devastated over this tragedy. I don't know what's going to happen with Jillian, but I hope that her story helps other sick mothers like her. I hope family members are made aware of the situation and seek help before it's too late.

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