Mexico's first lady of murder is finally caught & will have to face the music!

The alleged masterminds behind the 43 missing college students in the town of Guerrero, Mexico have finally been captured. María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa and her husband José Luis Abarca Velázquez were detained in Mexico City after fleeing their town. The former mayor and first lady are accused of ordering cartel gang members to bribe police to "teach the protestors a lesson." The innocent college students were preparing to set up a protest, which didn't sit too well with María, who had a gala in honor of herself planned for that evening. Now she and her husband will pay the consequences. 


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The spokesperson for the federal police department José Ramón Salinas confirmed via Twitter that the political couple were found and detained in Mexico City about eleven hours ago. The former mayor and his wife were reportedly hiding out in a rundown house surrounded by stray dogs about 120 miles from their town of Iguala. Police raided the neighborhood and detained Salinas and Pineda. It pleases me to know they weren't found in a glamorous location or abroad somewhere. 

"The capture of Mr. Abarca could give us more substantial leads," said the governor of Guerrero, Rogelio Ortega. He also told Televisa"A more precise search that could lead us to our fundamental priority, finding the 43 students alive." Authorities have made an estimated 56 arrests in connection with the missing college students who were planning to protest in the Iguala plaza. 

As the family of the disappeared continue fighting for justice, Iguala police have uncovered 30 bodies in ditches, but none have been identified as of yet. Villa is accused of being the lead manipulator by funneling over $40,000 of state funds to pay off gang members and police to perform these violent acts. Money can't buy her out of this mess! I hope these two rot in prison and that the families of the disappeared finally get the answers and peace they deserve.

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