Firemen had to wear gas masks to rescue man who hadn't showered in 5 years

fat manNeighbors of a 350 pound obese man from Nurtigen, Germany were shocked when they discovered they shared close quarters with an indoor hobo. The man was too fat for showers and didn't wash for five years. His apartment was a pigsty to say the least! The foul stink forced firefighters to wear gas masks and protective clothing in order to get into the man's apartment. They weren't protecting themselves from flames, but from the stench. A neighbor called the emergency number after he heard a continuous tapping on the ceiling which sounded like an S.O.S signal.


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When the firefighters arrived at the apartment they couldn't open the door because the floor was covered with garbage. The amount of trash was unimaginable and it blocked the door. One the firemen said that the state of the apartment was like hell on earth and the stench was indescribable. Wow! I'm gagging just hearing those words! The obese sixty-five-year-old man told his rescuers that he hasn't showered in five years because he couldn't move too well. He never left the apartment and he lived on takeout food delivered to his door.

The foul rotting smell of the apartment was so intense that firemen wore gas masks and the confused neighbors thought the world was ending. This is incredible! I don't understand how a person gets to that state. Where's his family? Firemen said they had never encountered such a situation, ever. The apartment was filled with rotten food and stale drinks and they could hear mice and other animals roaming around the filth. When firemen finally broke into the apartment they found the man lying on the floor surrounded by garbage and breathing with difficulty.

The man was so big, firemen couldn't carry him out through the front door and they had to use a crane. Poor guy, that must have been very embarrassing! I hope the man gets better and seeks mental therapy help because he needs it. He needs to take care of his hoarding and weight issues. Hopefully this is the wakeup call he needed!

Image via Corbis

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