3 girls murdered in tragic hit & run on Halloween

hitandruncaraccidentIn the saddest news I read all weekend, three Latina girls were tragically killed on Halloween by a murderous hit and run driver in southern California. The girls, twins Lexi Perez and Lexandra Perez and their friend Andrea Gonzalez were all out trick or treating together on Friday night. All three girls were between 13 and 15 years old and crossing the street in Santa Ana, legally and in the crosswalk, when they were hit by a Honda CR-V.



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"Witnesses say the vehicle was traveling at a high-rate of speed. I didn't see any skid marks, so it doesn't appear they slowed down whatsoever," police department Capt. Anthony Bertagna said. "They left these three young women laying in the street, and left without calling, without stopping, without rendering aid. It's hard to even fathom doing that." Apparently, right after the girls were struck by the SUV, the drivers just drove off, leaving all three bodies in the middle of the street. Two of the young ladies died immediately and the last took her last few breaths as paramedics arrived to the scene.

The news is particularly terrifying because it's a night that so many kids are out and about, going from door to door asking for candy. You would think that people driving would take extra care to drive carefully, but obviously these terrible people were too caught up in their own world to even stop and see if the girls they hit were OK. Cops say that the suspects drove their car to a parking lot in the neighborhood before abandoning their car and escaping on foot. What makes the entire incident even stranger is that the accident occured in a really densely populated area, so cops are at a loss as to why there aren't any more witnesses. However, one person did step forward with a minimal description of the car passengers, and police were able to determine that the owners of the vehicle were NOT the ones driving it at the time of the accident. Multiple arrests were made this morning and I hope they rot in jail for the murder of these innocent girls.

This serves as a crucial reminder to parents everywhere of how dangerous Halloween can be. If you are letting your kids go out by themselves, make sure that they go to a residential neighborhood with the minimal amount of vehicular traffic. I can't imagine the sorrow that the parents of these poor girls must be feeling. My heart and prayers go out to the families of these poor angels.