Brittany Maynard may not end her life on November 1st

Brittany MaynardBrittany Maynard launched an online video campaign on October 6th with Compassion and Choices. She was fighting for expanding death with dignity laws nationwide and spoke openly about her own choice to end her life with medication prescribed by her doctor, which is legal in some states for certain terminally ill patients. She even moved to Oregon along with her husband, mother and stepfather, specifically so that she could do this. She essentially put an expiration date on her life, November 1, 2014.

This was the date that she had chosen but now she might be second guessing herself. Well, not so much second guessing as playing it day by day which, when you are terminally ill, I think, is the only way to play it. 


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She's said from the beginning,

"I can always change my mind if something comes up but right now that's the plan I've made with my family," she told PEOPLE. 

Maynard knows that waiting may mean a seizure or stroke could take away the capability of making the decision for herself, but as long as she's still finding joy in her everyday life, why shouldn't she stay alive? 

People are making commentary on it. Did she do the whole thing for attention? Why isn't she trying to hang on? Why is she trying to hang on? Why not go with dignity? Why not fight until your last breath?

Me, I say it's her life. Her pain. Her family. Her death. People need to be happy that she feels well enough each day to continue. That's a win for her. That's a win for her husband. That's a win for her mother and everyone who loves her.

Who are we to judge what's right or what's wrong in this situation?

Personally, I hope she wakes up on Saturday morning and feels like a million bucks and spends the day loving on and being loved on by those people she loves the most. November 1st was tentative it was not an absolute. If we are behind her and willing to support Brittany Maynard in dying with dignity, can't we all just be happy for her and let her live with dignity every single day more that she chooses?

It takes balls to set a date to die with dignity and it takes balls to fight to live. If you ask me, Brittany Maynard has balls the size of Texas. November 1st was a goal to reach. If she wakes us that morning and she feels like she's got another day, week, month or 6 months left in her, she should go for it. Keep living until she can;t live on her terms anymore. Every day is a precious gift and I hope she gets a few more. 

Image via Brittany Maynard/Facebook

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