Scary ghost caught on video at police station, freaks out officers

Do you believe in ghosts, apparitions and supernatural beings? If you do, this video is right up your alley and if you don't, you might change your mind after you watch it. I'm telling you, if a ghost is going to show up anywhere, it will be in this police station. Detective Karl Romero was busy watching the footage from the security cameras at his Española police station in New Mexico when he spotted a ghost figure moving inside a highly secured area.


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Police stations, prisons and hospitals are magnets for ghost apparitions because there is a lot of pain and injustice in those places. Romero knew that what he saw on the screen was something from beyond because there's no way in or out of the secured area. The officer immediately reported the findings of the video to his superior and they checked the gates, camera and recording equipment. According to the officers, everything was working just fine and the gates were completely locked.

I have goose bumps! I'm sure it takes a lot to scare police officers and these guys seemed very spooked out. Romero said it's not the first time he had witnessed a presence while duty and all alone at the police station. He had felt heavy breathing, weird sounds and the feeling of being watched. When he shared his feelings with the other officers, they agreed and knew they weren't alone. They don't think the new facility was built on a graveyard ground, but they are not sure since there's one nearby. I'm dying!

You'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you'll see the video, but you can clearly see a human-like figure gliding across the screen. The officers know it has to be something supernatural because the gates were completely locked in the morning. Also, there are very sensitive alarms throughout the enclosed area and they would have gone off if it was a person. Jeez! The video looks completely real and scary to me. I respect ghosts and I have no desire to see or feel one anytime soon. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Image via Corbis

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