Cops called on toddler, escort family off plane because of meltdown

Shame on you Frontier Airlines! Let me explain. Leo Khalfin, his wife and their two-year-old were escorted by the police when they got off the plane. The family was returning from their vacation in the Dominican Republic and never expected to be greeted by the police when they landed at home in Missouri. Apparently the baby's behavior on the plane was out of control and the pilot decided to call the police because the parents were rude to the flight attendant.


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Traveling with a toddler is a nightmare! They are explorers by nature and they don't want to sit for a long time. I remember having a heavy carry-on filled with electronics, snacks, books, toys and everything I could think of to keep my children quiet and entertained as long as possible during a flight. I know that everybody has different parenting styles and some parents are better prepared than others, but I'm pretty sure this couple didn't deserve to be escorted by the police.

Leo said that trouble started the moment they sat on the plane. The child was crying and he had him on his lap until a flight attendant told him to put the toddler on his seat. When he followed the instructions, the baby freaked out and the flight attendant threatened him, and told him to calm the child down or he'd be thrown off the plane. Thankfully, the baby settled down, but not for long. It was a four-hour flight and as you can expect, the child became restless and had a temper tantrum.

Listen, we have all been in those situations on a plane. Either caring for the little trouble- maker or witnessing an upset child from a distance. We all judge and we tend to forget that we were ever in that exact same situation. Clearly the flight attendant wasn't happy with this family from the start and wanted to make a point because I'm having a hard time believing that the child was that disruptive. I don't know how "abusive" the parents were to the flight attendant, but clearly they were hassled by that person. I think the pilot went too far and the airline should apologize!

Follow these tips if you are going to travel with your toddler:

  1. Tire hiim out before the flight by playing 
  2. Don't feed him before and save all the food until your are ready for take off
  3. Try to help him sleep
  4. Bring your own snacks
  5. Download his favorite movies and play them in-flight
  6. Befriend your flight attendant from the start

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