Teacher says she was "groped in the vagina" by 5-year-old, calls cops


A teacher at Daughtrey Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida, called the police on October 9th after being groped " in the vagina" by a student. The problem: her so-called assailant was all of five years old. 


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Though she filed no criminal charges, the educator said she wanted the kindergartner's behavior to be officially documented in police records, noting that this was the second time the child had touched her inappropriately and bemoaning that his behavior had become increasingly aggressive and vulgar over the last two weeks.

The police officers taking the teacher's statement must have been holding back their laughter as she described some deranged Vagiburglar who was nothing more than an innocent child who needed a lesson on private parts and the distinction between appropriate and inappropriate touching. But, instead of doing her job as an educator and having a calm and rational talk with the student or, for that matter, alerting his parents so that they, too, could be aware of the situation, she felt the need to terrify him by having uniformed police officers arrive on the scene. Because, you know, this was definitely a scare-him-straight situation. Forget the Cookie Monster! The Coochie Crook is on the loose! 

More than likely, the child wanted to get her attention and reached for the closest possible body part--not realizing that it would be conceived as inappropriate. Heck, when he was five, my son would squeeze my behind all the time--just because it felt "squishy"! It's perfectly natural 5-year-old behavior that simply needs to be addresses and corrected. But I seriously doubt the child even knew the teacher had a vagina--after all, he's still learning to write his own name in kindergarten--much less be aware of where it was located.

Now, if the teacher had already reported the incidents to school authorities, talked to his parents or legal guardians, and had a calm and non-judgmental chat with her student but the incidents were still occurring, then she might have had reason to speculate about whether the child was being sexually abused. In that situation, I could understand getting Social Services to investigate. But this scenario just seems to prove that the very people who are supposed to molding our child's minds are lacking a very basic and crucial tool: common sense. 

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