Mom abandons baby at post office & dad finds out from Facebook!

baby abandoned at post office A 2-month-old baby was abandoned at a post office in Texas last Wednesday. The baby was left in a car seat in the main lobby of the post office with an extra diaper, a pacifier, water and some baby formula. The diaper had the name "Jesse" written on it so you would think the baby's name would be Jesse, but after Child Protective Services released a photo of the baby a man named Glen Williams saw the photo and called a local news station saying the child was his and asking for help.


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According to Glenn Williams, the baby's name is Glen Williams Jr. After seeing the picture of the baby Williams says, "I recognized him and the clothes he had on because I bought them for him."

The baby's mother is 29-year-old Jaronda Jackson. She and Williams recently broke up. Jackson has no job and three other children who live with their grandmother. Maybe the stress of it all is what led her to abandon her baby at a post office. Her cousin, Latarshia Carter, says, "You know how they say leave it at the fire department? Maybe she still thought that was a safe place. At least he wasn't beat up or hurt." At least. Poor baby.

Jackson could face criminal charges and honestly I think she should because what she did is not okay. Who knows what could have happened to that baby if the wrong person came along. I don't understand why she didn't call the baby's father instead of leaving the baby unattended somewhere.

Williams is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the baby who is now in foster care. He has agreed to DNA testing and says, "I'm going to do whatever it takes for my family and me to take the baby home. Her family, they don't want him."

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