Man shoots pregnant wife in back of the head & tries to claim self-defense

I really don't understand these people that go around killing pregnant women. Seriously, what kind of person would even think of doing something like that? Well one 21-year-old man from Florida was recently arrested for just that. Chekingson Sinclar apparently shot his 24-year-old pregnant wife of seven months in the back of the head. Can you believe that? But you'll never guess what this psychopath did next!


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Not only did Sinclair murder his own wife and baby mama, but he even had the nerve to call police three hours later. He dialed 911 stating, "A murder has been committed." He then admitted to killing Latwassa Argrett, claiming he shot her in the head. And According to reports he sounded pretty calm and collected about it too. Ugh!

"We got into an argument and she came at me with a knife ... I was trying to defend myself," he told the dispatcher. But police aren't buying his self-defense talk. Supposedly the couple had argued over a text message that was sent to Argrett's cell at around 6:30 am that morning. Sinclair swears he tried throwing his wife's phone in the toilet before she flipped out and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. He claims that in self-defense he grabbed a gun from under a recliner chair, then walked into the bedroom she had stormed into and didn't fire the gun until she tried attacking him with the knife.

But police have discovered that the woman was shot in the back of the head two times, which doesn't really add up to Sinclair's story, especially if he's claiming he shot her because she was attacking him. They believe that the knife that was found near her body was planted in order to make it look like she was armed the entire time. As for the unborn baby, the poor thing apparently didn't survive.

Sinclair is currently being held at the St. Lucie County Jail and has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder, murder of an unborn child, and tampering with evidence. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this man? I don't care what kind of text message he saw in his wife's phone or how dysfunctional their relationship was, what kind of person would deliberately kill their pregnant wife and their unborn child? A sicko that needs to be behind bars for the rest of their pathetic life--that's who!

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