Video leaks of Diego Maradona beating his ex-girlfriend Rocio Oliva

video of Diego Maradona hitting Rocia OliviaA very upsetting video of soccer legend Diego Maradona was leaked to Argentine press and aired on Monday. The video shows an obviously VERY drunk Diego Maradona appearing to hit his former fiancee Rocio Olivia. Olivia was recording the whole thing on her cell phone until the 30 second clip abruptly stops. Oh, and there is no doubt that it is indeed Diego Maradona in the video because he has admitted to it being him, but says it's not what it looks like. Hmmm, you'll have to take a look for yourself below.


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The video starts with Maradona sitting on a sofa. He seems super intoxicated and has trouble getting off the sofa. He's slurring his words, but it's apparent that he's mad at Olivia for looking at her cell phone. He makes his way over to her and then it looks like he starts hitting her HARD. She's telling him to stop and then the phone seems to fall and the video stops.

After the uproar that the video has caused Maradona spoke to reporter Marina Calabró to give her his side of the story. He says he was mad and admits that it was him in the video, but he says all he did was slap the phone out of Olivia's hand and that "The episode starts and finishes there." He admits to smacking the phone out of her hands, but that's it.

The strange thing is that when Calabró asked Maradona about the videos, he said, "Which one?" That seems to imply that there is more than one, no?

Even if we give the man the benefit of the doubt and believe that all he did was slap the phone out of Olivia's hands. Why was such force necessary? He was slapping pretty hard and he was drunk and sloppy.

What is going on with all these sports figures being violent toward women? It is so disappointing.

Check out the video and you tell me what you think?

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