Florida parents fight for marijuana for their kids

Marijuana The use of medical marijuana to help adults cope with various illness has been a controversial topic for years because there are those who feel that drug use is bad no matter what the situation. Well now a group of Florida parents are raising the stakes by asking legislation to broaden their law and include a variety of strains of medical marijuana to give to their kids! Although more research needs to be conducted to see if marijuana actually helps children suffering through seizures and reduces their spells, some parents just want the chance to try it out.


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On November 4, Florida residents will vote on a constitutional amendment that will allow a variety of strains of medical marijuana to be used to alleviate some of the pain felt by those living with cancer and other serious conditions. A documentary titled Weed suggested that medical marijuana could potentially reduce the number of seizures a child experiences, but doctors say this idea is based on anecdotal evidence and that more clinical trials need to be examined before they can outright say that yes, medical marijuana is safe and effective for the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy.

But that's not what parents want to hear. Instead, they want to cling to the hope that their child can have a decent life either free from or with less suffering from their medical conditions. While it's easy to be on the outside looking in and think, "Wow, what parent in their right mind would administer marijuana to their child?" But unless you have been in their position--desperate for alternatives and pursuing every possible solution that will benefit your ill child--I don't think you can really judge.

Florida is already one of 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) in which a specific strain of marijuana called Charlotte's Web is legal and used to calm seizures. This new amendment that will be up for the vote, known as the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, or Amendment2, will broaden the state's Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act to include nine medical conditions, the use of other marijuana strains, and would allow doctors to determine when a patient could benefit from taking marijuana.

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