Baby left on a street in Louisiana & his mom claims she's not responsible

This story is very sad and concerning! A 1-year-old baby was abandoned on Saturday evening in Louisiana. A passerby spotted the baby strapped into his stroller without a grownup in sight. When the authorities reached his mother, she said she left her baby with a friend because she had to take care of a medical emergency. Child protective services are investigating the case and so far haven't arrested the mother. They placed the little boy under protective custody while they conclude the investigation.


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As a mom, I can't  understand how someone can leave her own baby on the street! I know that the Louisiana police department has not blamed the mom just yet, but clearly everything points to her being guilty. The stroller was left along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd for a long time until a bystander noticed the child inside. According to the cops, the mom stopped by the police station hours after the baby was abandoned, identified herself and said the baby was with a friend of hers.

I know being a parent is a very difficult job and not everybody is fit for it, I get that. What I'm having a hard time understanding is: why put the baby's life in danger by leaving him on the street? She could have left the baby in an adoption center, in a church, police station, fire department or any other safe haven location. With all the crazy people out there and the horrible news we read every day, leaving that innocent little angel on the street is criminal.

I'm so happy that someone out there was kind enough to notice that something was fishy about that unattended stroller with a baby in it, and called the police. The sweet little baby is in child protective custody and I hope they find a loving family for him. Sometimes bad things happen for a reason, and maybe that baby has a very important role to play in somebody's life. I hope justice is served because some mothers out there need to understand that children are not disposable.

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