Abuela sold hundreds of pounds of pot & her reason will shock you

grandma sells marijuana to support grandkidsA 65-year-old abuela named Candace Delaven Kelly from Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to selling about 100 pounds of marijuana from her home every year for over four years. I'm sure lots of people are thinking, lock her up and throw away the key, but  here's the thing, her reason for doing it makes me very sympathetic. Kelly says she sold marijuana for money to raise her grandchildren after her daughter died.


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Kelly could face up to 10 years in prison, but there is no minimum sentencing requirement and her attorney Jeffrey R. Wasak said Kelly has "accepted responsibility and is remorseful." She cooperated and allowed a search of her home, she's also agreed to forfeit $393,000 that was found in her home and she didn't even try to get a plea bargain. Wasak is hoping that Kelly gets home detention instead of time behind bars as "there is no evidence of her being a menace" to society.

You know what? I'm totally team abuela on this one. Yes, I know that what she did is illegal and that the law is black and white, but dang it if people don't sometimes do what they have to do to support and raise the little ones in their care.

I can't get too personal about this, but let's just say that my brother and I were raised by a single mother who sometimes did things that were not technically legal in order to keep us clothed, fed and under a roof.

Lots of parents and caregivers do things that aren't legal to help their families. They don't do it because they want to, they do it because they have to. It's illegal to work for cash "under the table," but people do it all the time.

Alls I'm saying is that I agree that this abuela is not a menace to society. I hope she doesn't get stuck in jail with truly dangerous people. I hope the court shows some leniency. Good luck to her and her nietos.

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