Dozens of women FREAK OUT at funeral after finding out their shared lover had AIDS

daniel decuDozens of women were shocked and outraged when they found out that Daniel Decu, the local Lothario whose funeral they were attending, had been playing them dirty on multiple levels. A coroner's report made public in the wake of Decu's death revealed that the 24-year-old man had AIDS! This was news to the countless women he'd had sex with in his town. Incredibly, there were several people in Decu's life who knew about his diagnosis and could have warned his lovers, but either decided to remain mum or were prohibited from spreading the word. That's so messed up!


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The Daily Mail reports the deceased Casanova's family physician Cornel Stanciu knew Decu was HIV positive and tried to make his condition known after the infected player had a relationship with his daughter. However, Decu's mommy dearest threatened to sue the good doctor unless he stopped. "I started to warn them," explains Dr. Stanciu. "But from the moment they told me to stay silent and not say anything, I didn't. I'm not surprised that we now are in the position that we are, because he had many female friends."

No thanks to Decu's mom, some of the women Decu had been sleeping with found out before the funeral that he'd been living with the virus. Everyone else learned the devastating news when a coroner's report revealing Decu's cause of death was made the funeral! So far, approximately 40 women have gone to get tested for the virus, and two have been confirmed to have it. That's so crazy. To think, if only Decu or his madre had spoken up, they could have spared so many people so much pain and anguish. 

Incredibly, Romanian criminal law does not require a person infected with the virus to inform a physical partner of the infection. They are, however, legally obligated to practice safe sex. Should they fail to wrap it up and, in essence, willfully infect someone with the virus, the carrier may be convicted and made to serve a jail term of between five and fifteen years.

Obviously, it's too late to hold Decu responsible for his careless and callous actions. However, when it comes to his mother, that's a different story entirely. She and several other family members are currently being investigated. Listen, I don't generally speak ill of the dead or their grieving loved ones, but I just have to say this: Decu and his madre were both sinvenguenzas! I'm sad for Decu's mother, for she's lost a son. But in prohibiting anyone from disclosing to her phialandering son's lovers that he'd been ill, she may have just sealed countless other women's fates. What will happen to them? What will happen to their mothers and fathers and children and aunts and uncles and subsequent lovers? In essence, Decu and his mother have ended all of these people's lives as they knew it. As far as I'm concerned, what she did was criminal.

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