Man nearly kills his date because she didn't look like her online profile picture​

I've never tried online dating and I probably never will. There's just way too many weirdos out there, including one crazy man from Georgia who allegedly assaulted a woman he met on the internet. Cornelius Jefferson apparently moved to Kentucky to be with his new girlfriend and was pissed when he realized she looked nothing like her online dating profile.


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Jefferson was so upset when he realized his new girl looked nothing like her online dating profile and wound up assaulting her at around 4:20 am Tuesday morning. "The argument was allegedly because the male subject didn't think she was like she was on the internet," Laurel County Sheriff's Department posted on its Facebook page. "He allegedly choked her with both hands around the neck and threw food on her and left the scene on foot with two suitcases."

I'm sorry, but this man sounds like a complete basket case. First of all, just because this woman looked nothing like her profile picture doesn't give him the right to lay his hands on her. It sounds like he was planning on killing this poor chick! The guy is clearly not well in the head, because what kind of loco would move to another state to live with a woman he's never actually met in person? That's just stupid. Has he not seen Catfish: The TV Show? Clearly not, right?

I'm just glad this fool was arrested. He's apparently been charged with fourth-degree assault and is currently being held in the Laurel County detention facility. I hope he's learned his lesson. One to never lay his hands on a woman, no matter what the situation is. And two to make sure he actually meets a girl before he agrees to move in with them. Someone needs to teach this guy some common sense 101.

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