Teacher tapes 8-year-old students' mouths shut to keep them quiet

Jhanna Davis is not an after school counselor, she is an abusive woman. She taped shut the mouths of three eight-year-old students while she took care of them at school last March. The twenty five-year-old counselor was hired by the Y.M.C.A to work with the students at the Public School 123 in Harlem, but she clearly wasn't fit for the job. She taped the students mouths because they were too loud doing homework. She left the clear packing tape on their mouth for more than an hour until the children finished their work. She was arrested after the abuse and is now facing a new lawsuit.


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Jhanna Davis was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child, but didn't serve any time. The only thing she had to do was plead guilty to disorderly conduct and let the incident be stamped on her records. Because the children were not "seriously injured physically" she basically got off the hook. Well, not so fast Jhanna, one of the mothers is filing a new lawsuit against the woman and claiming that her son is still suffering psychological damage. Of course he is, what that woman did was outrageous!

When the mom picked up her son that evening his lips were bloody and bruised. He was also very upset because he was humiliated in front of the other children and they were making fun of him. She claims that her little one is afraid of teachers. Her lawyer said that abusive behavior from a teacher to a child leads to a great amount of High School dropouts because they don't develop a love for learning. In the new lawsuit, the mother is seeking charges for "assault, emotional distress, civil rights violations and negligent hiring, training and supervision".

The Y.M.C.A fired Jhanna right away and apologized to the mothers for her behavior. They also said that they don't tolerate or approve of that kind of behavior from their staff. As a mom, this story makes me crazy because this punishment is completely wrong. I'm happy that the mom is suing the woman again because she got away with it easy. I hate to say this, but they need to make an example of her because other counselors out there should be very careful. They have a very important job taking care of children and they should know whether they are fit for it or not.

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