This ad featuring little girls swearing is effing crazy!

OMFG! You have got to watch this video featuring little girls dropping f-bombs and knowledge about sexual assault and sexism. It'll blow your mind!  But not for the reasons you might think. Yes, the vid shows little girls dolled up in princess gear cursing like sea-weary sailors, but that's not shocking. Sexism will make anyone curse up a storm. The most disturbing thing about this video is that it's an ad for a t-shirt and apparel line. Yup! The brand, Fckh8 is exploiting little girls and feminism to sell t-shirts. How ironic.


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I wanted to love this video. I really did. It has everything that I love in life: feminism, f-bombs, and tiaras! I loved watching sassy little girls drop f-bombs filled with knowledge about how everyday sexism affects women and girls. It did my heart some good to hear a little girls recognize (and share) how a woman who earned straight A's in college will likely make less than a man who "earned" C's. Oh, my head almost imploded when one of the little girls shouted, "Stop telling girls how to dress," just before her costar added, "and start teaching boys not to ****ing rape!" Oh, it was so good. But it could have been better.

I wanted too badly for this to be a PSA. Growing up, I, like many women, was raised to believe that women were meant to be seen and not heard. I wasn't allowed to do half the things my brother could do--and he's six years younger than me! He was allowed to go outside by himself, run around and get dirty, and even used foul language. I wasn't. If I so much as raised my voice to defend myself or speak out about having to stay home and do chores, I'd get popped in the mouth. I know I wasn't alone. I know there are far too many young women out there who are afraid to speak up and get angry about the everyday sexism we're all subjected to. That's why we needed this ad to be a PSA, and not an ad! We needed this to help them find their voice, not their wallet.

At the end of the day, I found this ad offensive. Not because of the cursing; I don't think it's unladylike for women to curse. You'd curse too if you had to deal with street harassment and unequal pay. Given that that's what these little girls have to look forward to, who could blame them for dropping a few f-bombs? That's not the problem. The problem here is the fact that Fckh8 duped us into thinking this was a PSA meant to empower women and girls, when it isn't. They just wants us to buy their t-shirts with liberal but sassy sayings screened onto them. Ugh! This makes me so angry, I could f#@ing curse!

What's your take? Watch the video and let me know!

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