Father murders newborn because he would not stop crying

father murders 6 week oldEverett Redmond of Vancouver, Washington only lived to be 6 weeks old and throughout those six weeks he was abused. Who would hurt a tiny newborn? Everett's father, 24-year-old David Redmond admitted to murdering his newborn. He did it because he was "annoyed" at the child. Yup, you read that right, he was annoyed because he came home from work on October 15 and Everett was crying. David picked up the baby and threw him about 9 feet toward a changing table, where the baby hit his head.


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David called 911 at about 3 a.m. on October 16 saying that he thought he had rolled over the baby while asleep and that the baby wasn't breathing. When doctors examined the baby though, he had a skull fracture, swelling outside of his skull as well as swelling under the fracture. That's not all, he also had "extensive hemorrhaging" in his eyes. Baby Everett was put on life support, but had no brain activity and was declared dead on October 18 after being taken off life support.

David Redmond eventually confessed to authorities that he had thrown his son. He said, "I threw him pretty hard. I was pretty annoyed." He also admitted that ever since his son had been born, he had been abusing his child about two to three times a week. I have to mention to you that Everett was born weighing only 3 pounds and 14 ounces. He was an itty bitty delicate thing.

David's mother, Jennifer Redmond, went on social media to say, "Our son out of exhaustion hurt our baby grandson. The baby died. Our son is not the monster that the news station and papers would like you to believe." I understand wanting to defend your son, I understand loving your son, but what David Redmond did IS actually monstrous. It's not like he snapped once, he abused this child repeatedly. AND yes I understand the exhaustion that comes from having a newborn, but when you find yourself wanting to hurt a baby you NEED to open your mouth and ask for help. Tell someone BEFORE you hurt the baby.

I could go on and on about this story because it's so upsetting. A baby can't speak for itself. A baby is defenseless. I don't know if no one noticed the baby was being abused or no one said anything.

The family's pastor Glen Johnson says that the baby's mother, Ashley, "is just totally blindsided by this, she can't even believe this has happened." My condolences to her. I would not wish this loss on anyone.

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