Teacher caught on tape ripping off student's shirt

It was not an average day at school for 15-year-old student Sara Rue. The Oregon high school teen reportedly experienced a panic attack when fellow classmates started arguing with her English teacher Carrie McCann. She stepped out of the classroom and closed the door, which caused her teacher to lash out at her. In a graphic video, McCann was captured forcefully pulling Rue back into the classroom and ripping her shirt off in front of the student's peers. This is just horrifying! 


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The police department covering the incident did not believe that a crime occurred, but the district is currently investigating. Instead, McCann has been suspended and put on administrative leave. I don't understand how a teacher could get just a slap on the wrist for being this violent against a student.

You can see that Rue was already out of the classroom when McCann decided to grab her by the neck and pull her back in. She did it with such anger that I'm shocked she even has a career in teaching. It looks more like she belongs in a correctional facility managing prisoners!

Rue spoke to reporters and revealed, "My sweatshirt came off--the entire thing came off and the whole class saw me naked and after that, I just started crying hysterically. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life." I bet! She is 15 and being treated this way in front of her classmates. This woman needs to get fired. I'm not sure why the school is beating around the bush about this.

What exactly did Rue do to get treated this way? The girl was having an emotional breakdown and instead of showing some compassion, you decided to shove her back into the classroom like an animal?! McCann hasn't shown any remorse or extended an apology to Rue. The only way she will feel sorry is if she eventually loses her job for her crappy and unacceptable behavior. 

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