4 dead babies found in storage shocks police

As a mom, this is probably one of the most disturbing pieces of news I have read in a long time. The bodies or four infants were found in various stages of decomposition inside a storage facility in Winnipeg, Canada. I'm assuming that driven by the smell of the little bodies, workers from the U-Haul storage locker facility inspected the room and were shocked to find the corpses. They alerted the authorities and the police is interviewing the woman who rents the unit.


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You'll probably assume that she is the mother and she killed the babies, but investigators are not jumping to conclusions. According to police spokesman Eric Hofley, the investigation is in its early stages and they can't just assume foul play. Forensics are performing autopsies on the little bodies and investigators are awaiting the results. Hofley said that in Canada, it is illegal to store human remains without proper permission and authorization and the person in charge of the storage unit will be charged for violating the law.

Isn't this story terrible? I think the fact that it's very mysterious makes it even worse. There are so many questions begging for an answer. Who is the mom of these babies? How did they die? Why did she keep the bodies? Who is responsible for their death? Shocking! The news of this gruesome discovery shocked the peaceful community of Winnipeg. Residents and customers of the U-Haul storage facility are speechless about the findings and rightly so. Can you imagine? You are storing your winter clothes right alonside babies' corpses. Chilling!

I'm sure the investigators won't rest until they get to the bottom of the situation and find all the answers. Whatever they find won't bring the babies back, but probably will save more babies' lives. We keep reading news of young mothers trying to kill their babies and hopefully the police will stop it this time. 

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