Haunted house visitors sexually assaulted by creepy stranger

Daniel Rosmann is the creepiest man alive and I'm not speaking metaphorically. The 52-year-old criminal decided that it was a great idea to attend the popular Abandoned Haunted House in Milwaukee and sexually assault customers walking through the house of horrors. The victims wanted to enjoy a night of thrill and fear and never expected sexual abuse. Eight people, including men and women came forward and complained  about being grabbed and touched inappropriately and the haunted house security called the police and the man was arrested.


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That man is repulsive and sick! That's what is scary about Halloween, I feel criminals like Rosmann can disguise and attack people easily. Fortunately, this haunted house had reasonable security and the team was able to find and restrain the creep. Owner Corey Stephens is upset that Rosmann carried such abuses on his property and said that in the three years the haunted house has been in business they never had any problem.

Surveillance camera captured one of the attacks and the victim was a young girl. This is outrageous and I hope that man goes to jail for a long time. Teenagers and young adults enjoy visiting haunted houses with their friends because it's their version of trick-or-treat! The thought of having criminals like Rosmann lurking in the dark ready to sexually abuse them, makes me sick and furious! According to a news report, the details from one of the victims describing what the man did was "too graphic" to report. My blood is boiling!

My heart goes out to all the victims whose night of fun turned into a living nightmare. Apparently, Rosmann bought a ticket, made the line, but he wasn't going to watch the show, nope, he was going to commit the crimes. I'm happy to report that the man is in county jail and the prosecutors are building a case against him. He is facing various charges, including two fourth degree sexual assaults. I'm very angry with this pervert and I hope he rots in jail for preying on innocents. Parents, be careful this Halloween with your children because there are a lot of creeps out there!

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