Kids fight fiercely as adults watch & laugh in viral video

What would you do if you saw a couple of young kids fighting in the street? Most normal, upstanding people would try and break the kids up, or at least call the police. Then, there are those who'll probably keep it moving, opting instead to stay out of the kids' way. I'm not sure I agree with that decision, but I will say this: it's way better than what a group of adults did when a couple of super young kids started to go at it on the street in Wilmington, Delaware. Police are currently investigating a couple of viral videos featuring several young children brawling on the sidewalk as adults standby and watch. Worse: some of these so-called grown people had the nerve to actually cheer the kids on and laugh. What in the actual hell is wrong with them?


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These kids are practically babies. One of the videos in question features a couple of shirtless boys, who look to be between 4 and 7 years old, repeatedly punching each other in the face and head. It's terrible. At one point, the taller boy knocks the shorter one to the ground, causing him to cry. Ugh, my heart aches for this kid. No one helped. Well, at least no adults helped. The clip then cuts to the boys fighting near a porch, at which point a young girl tries to intervene. At least someone had enough sense to break things up. Too bad that person wasn't a card-carrying adult!

The second clip shows adults egging el pequeño on as he yells at the little girl, demanding that she come out of her mother's minivan. Much to the adults' delight and the little guy's ultimate dismay, the little girl does eventually come out. Only, now she's wielding a shoe at the boy, and shouting, "You're not getting in my mother's car anymore!" Hmmm, speaking of her mother, where in the heck is she? In fact, where are any of the responsible adults? Or the police?

Wilmington resident Brittany Caputo said she notified the police of the video when it popped up in her Facebook newsfeed last week. According to her, police seemed to care very little about the video at first, so she decided to share it with media outlets. Well, whaddaya know! Soon after the video hit the news, police began investigating the matter. They are now trying to identify the adults featured in the vid, as well as the children's parents. It's about time! I, for one, cannot wait for these people to get their comeuppance. They all deserve a serious timeout…in jail.

You can watch the video below. Be warned: it's truly disturbing!

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