Teen mom tried to suffocate newborn 3 times & it's caught on camera​

19-year-old Cynthia Kaye Woods is a monster. She was charged with attempted capital murder in Texas after she tried to kill her infant son twice. The young mom called 911 and said her 4-month-old son wasn't breathing. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors were able to revive and stabilize the infant and mother and son were moved to a room. Hours later, when a nurse found the unresponsive child in the mom's arms, she called the authorities and they arrested her.


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The nurse knew something was wrong when she found the mom holding the lifeless body of her child. She questioned why the girl didn't call the emergency bottom like she did before and suspected foul play. Chilling footage from the hospital's camera shows when the mother tried to suffocate the baby twice. First the mom covered the baby's mouth with one hand while pinching his nose with the other and moments later she put a pacifier in his mouth and placed a pillow on his face. This makes me sick! That girl is definitely a monster!

The woman was arrested and charged with attempted capital murder and the bond was set at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Prosecutors investigating the case found that the teenager had a baby that died in Mississippi from unknown circumstances. Wow! She clearly has some serious issues and I hope justice is served because she is a menace. Cynthia definitely needs some help, she must be psychologically ill. She has these children and then clearly wants them dead for some reason.

Luckily the doctors were able to revive the baby for the second time after his vitals were completely down. I'm sure she caused him some brain damage because he stopped receiving oxygen for a long time. My heart goes out for that poor innocent baby and I hope he finds real love and comfort from other parents. I hope the prosecutors make a good case against Cynthia and find enough evidence to put her away for a long time. Enough is enough with these young teenage girls having unprotected sex resulting in unwanted pregnancies and abused children.

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