Teacher who molested over 60 kids wants to bring their immigration status to court

Miramonte civil case immigration statusRemember the revolting case of former Los Angeles elementary school teacher Mark Berndt who was convicted of molesting 23 children at Miramonte Elementary School? He fed some of his students semen cookies. Ugh! Well, he's in jail, but some of the poor kids that he abused are in my opinion being abused even further and this time by attorneys representing the Los Angeles Unified School District. Attorneys for LAUSD have asked a judge to allow the immigration status of the victims' families to be brought up in court. Are you kidding me? What the heck does the families' immigration status have to do with having been molested?


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Attorney Luis Carrillo who represents 65 plantiffs in the case says that the issue of immigration is just being used to intimidate the plantiffs. He says,"They don't have to bring in this. This is just another smoke screen to stir up the jury against the plaintiffs."

It's really rather appalling because in the end it's all about money and not the kids' welfare or how they have been hurt. The reason that LAUSD attorneys want to be able to bring up the immigration status of the families is in case they ask for damages for future loss of wages. That way the LAUSD lawyers can say, well, they are undocumented so they wouldn't make as much money as you would think.

It makes me so angry because even if these kids are undocumented, they are CHILDREN. You are going to hold them accountable for their immigration status and project their future earnings that way so that you can nickel and dime them on a settlement?! They were molested! Way to victimize the victims!

These kids did not ask to get molested so that they could cash in. They did not ask for the trauma. They are not responsible for what happened to them. What happened to them is wrong and yes in the end I do think that LAUSD is responsible and owes them damages because there were signs, there were issues, but Mark Berndt was allowed to keep teaching.

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