Girl bullied for cutting her hair to help cancer patients

10-year-old Jetta Fosburg, is braver than most adults. The little girl from Dayton, Ohio decided to cut her hair to donate it to patients suffering from cancer. The girl had long beautiful hair and after donating fourteen inches, she ended up with the very posh pixie cut. Her selfless action left her mom, Heidi, and her relatives in awe because Jetta always loved her long hair. She made them incredibly proud! Unfortunately, not everybody felt the same because when Jetta returned to school, she was so severely bullied for weeks that her parents pulled her out of the school.


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Heidi had no words to describe how proud she was of her daughter for wanting to donate her hair. Jetta felt it was the right thing to do since lots of her relatives had suffered with the disease and she wanted to help other patients feel beautiful. Locks of Love is a foundation that makes and donates wigs for cancer patients using the donated hair. Many women and girls around the country participate in this beautiful cause. Jetta's noble action was worthy of admiration and shouldn't be punished.

Her classmates at Pathway School of Discovery thought otherwise. They bullied her from the moment they saw her. They told her that she looked like a man, she was ugly, she secretly wanted to be a man and other hurtful insults. Jetta told her mom and Heidi thought the insults were going to stop as the kids got used to her daughter's new haircut, but they were wrong. Their bullying didn't stop, it got worse.

Mom asked the principal to intervene because her daughter had been enduring weeks of insults, but the principal said Jetta needed to be tough. He also said he was going to deal with the problem on his own terms because "he didn't know of any child that had ever died from words". What? This guy must live in Mars! How can someone like that be the principal of a school? Heidi pulled her daughter out of that school because she knew they were alone. They created a Facebook page Stand with Jetta and so far they have over 15,000 likes. People are encouraging the little girl and she is learning that she is not alone.

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