Family of man who killed toddler for pooping her pants claims he's "not a monster"

If murdering a toddler for accidentally pooping her pants isn't evil and cruel than I don't know what is. The family of a man who reportedly beat and tortured 3-year-old Jeida Torres is talking to the media and claiming he is "not a monster." Twenty-year-old Kelsey Smith ran away to a homeless shelter after leaving the toddler's lifeless body in his wife Kimberly Torres's Brooklyn, New York apartment while she was at work over the weekend. His 5-year-old stepson Andrew Torres spoke to police about what he witnessed and the abuse was pretty horrifying. 


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The young boy explained that Smith became enraged when Jeida soiled her pants by accident. He grabbed her dirty clothes, stuffed them in her face and told her to "eat it." Then he proceeded to slam her head against the wall and little Jeida was dead soon after. I know that Kelsey's family is probably devastated by this heartless crime, but claiming he is not a monster is just absurd. I totally get sticking by your family member through thick and thin, but let's call a spade a spade here. Kelsey had a lot of moments to feel remorseful and walk away from the situation.

Instead he decided to keep abusing the helpless child until her little body couldn't take it anymore. A source told The New York Daily News that Kelsey called his wife and the mother of the kids Kimberly to let her know what just happened. A source explains, "He said he did something bad to the kids. He said the daughter was not breathing." She called the police right after. I can't imagine what this mother felt when she got that call.

His uncle Mark Almodovar told the newspaper, "The kid, he's not that type of person. They said he was a monster--he's not a monster! Sometimes kids don't listen to their parents and they need to be disciplined. But the way he disciplined them was very wrong." Does he realize how ridiculous he sounds? No child should be killed for the sake of being "disciplined."

Turns out Smith had a record of 15 arrests dating back from 2008. He is currently being charged with assault and endangering a child. He needs to be charged with murder! He needs to live the rest of his days feeling remorseful about taking this little girl's life. 

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