Pregnant woman's pit bull leaves her arm hanging by a thread

Pit bull attacks pregnant womanOMG, a pregnant woman in her twenties was walking her own dog outside Whittington Barracks in Staffordshire, England at around 4 p.m. on October 16, when the dog went nuts and attacked her for no reason. Witnesses say there didn't seem to be any provocation at all, the dog just went for her. One local resident who saw the attack says, "There was lots of blood, it was just horrendous." The attack was so bad that it left one of the woman's arms "hanging by a thread."


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This woman is so lucky that the attack happened outside of the barracks where cadets were training because once they heard her screams, soldiers ran to her rescue. Some of them even scaled a razor wire fence to come to her defense and it's a good thing they did because one witness points out, "She is only a small lady and would not have stood a chance. The soldiers managed to scare the dog away. Otherwise it would have just torn her to shreds."

The woman was flown by air ambulance to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. I hope she and her baby pull through.

The dog which is described as a "mastiff or Staffordshire bull terrier cross" was chased away by the soldiers. The attack happened right across the street from a pre-school so before going off to get the dog, police warned the staff at the day care to keep the kids indoors. The dog was eventually caught.

This is nuts, the dog was hers. I'm shocked that it just up and attacked her for no reason. Clearly that dog is not to be trusted around anyone, much less pregnant women or children.

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