3-year-old brutally beaten to death for soiling her pants

little girl killed for soiling herselfJeida Torres, a beautiful 3-year-old girl, was brutally beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend on Saturday because she accidentally went potty in her pants. Jeida and her 5-year-old brother, Andrew, were in the care of 20-year-old Kelsey Smith while their mother, Kimberly Torres, was at work. Someone called the police after hearing chilling screams coming from an apartment in a Brooklyn, New York homeless shelter. By the time police arrived on the scene, Jeida was unconscious.


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Jeida TorresNeighbor Keith Best says, "I saw the paramedics run out with little girl wrapped in a blanket. Her hands were just hanging out ... just limp." Andrew also showed signs of abuse, but it is suspected that his injuries happened at an earlier date.

Jeida was taken to Wyckoff Hospital in cardiac arrest. She died at the hospital, poor little angel.

As for Smith, that coward fled the scene and when police caught up with him in Queens, he tried to commit suicide by slashing his own throat. He is in custody now, pending charges. He's got quite the criminal record with 14 prior arrests and charges including robbery, grand larceny, gang assault and criminal mischief.

The children's mother arrived 30 minutes after the 911 call and she and the children's grandfather cried uncontrollably when they found out what happened. As much as I feel for that mother's loss, I'm also angry. It seems like a tremendous lapse in judgment to leave children in the care of someone like Smith. I can't believe that this is the first time he's lost his temper to the point of physical abuse. I just can't. The little boy showed signs of previous abuse, who is responsible for that abuse and why hadn't anyone done anything about that?

Smith allegedly "punched and choked" Jeida because she either peed or pooped in her pants. That happens with 3-year-olds, it's normal! What kind of a monster would lose their mind over that?!

I'd like to believe that Jeida didn't suffer, but I'm sure she did. I'm sure she felt pain, a lot of it. And her poor brother most likely had to witness the entire thing. My thoughts are with him most of all.

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