Drunk dad makes 8 year old drive & it doesn't end well

8 year old drives SUV and crashes into treeA 46-year-old man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was too drunk to drive and wise enough to make the decision not to, but stupid enough to think it was a good idea to have his 8-year-old son drive for him instead. Oh yeah! Frank Gordon Conway told his 8-year-old son to drive a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee right before midnight on August 4. The little boy sat on his father's lap drove the SUV through yards, a street, a parking lot and then straight into a tree.


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The police interviewed Conway and his son at Indiana Regional Medical Center. Conway said "he did not see a problem" with letting his son drive. ¡Dios mío!

The little boy told police that he had been sitting between his father's legs and driving the SUV, but that he accidentally hit the wrong pedal and that's why they crashed into the tree. The little boy has injuries on the left side of his face and his sternum because of the accident. He could have been killed!

I guess the little boy was spending the evening at his father's home that evening. At some point the boy's mother got a call to come over and help stop the bleeding. Can you imagine?

This father is ridiculous. He gets drunk while he's supposed to be taking care of his kid and he doesn't even stay at home where at least his kid could have gone to bed, instead he has the kid out close to midnight and then he has the kid drive?

Of course the father has been arrested. I hope the boy's mother managed to slap him hard before he was taken to jail.

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