Mother pulls 6-year-old's hair so hard you won't believe what happened

mom scalps daughterMy heart is breaking for a 6-year-old girl whose mother pulled her hair so hard that the most horrifying thing happened. She scalped her daughter! The accused mother is 25 year old Brittany Ruck of  Conway, Pennsylvania. Ruck is accused of pulling her daughter out of a chair by the hair and pulling so hard "the girl's scalp was separated from her skull and blood pooled around the girl's eyes." That right there is enough to make any mother despise Ruck, but when you find out why she did it, you will be beyond appalled.


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Police were told about the injury when the hospital treating the little girl got in touch on August 31. Doctors told police that the little girl's injuries were most likely from very forceful hair pulling and a blow to the left ear.

Bruck admitted to pulling her daughter's hair. She said it was to get the little girl's attention. Okay?! The little girl told police that her mom got mad at her because she couldn't count to 12. Officer Mike Priolo says, "The little girl told us she could only count to 10 because she had 10 fingers, but she couldn't count any higher. That's when the mother grabbed her by her hair." According to the little girl, her mother has pulled her across the floor by the hair before. 

Ruck is a pharmacy technician and has three kids. She's also married. What the heck? Did her husband not notice that she's a monster to the kids? I don't get it. I really don't. Poor kids. All three kids have been removed from her custody and put in the care of relatives. Ruck is in jail charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Her bond is set at $50,000.

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