Monster avoids life sentence after admitting to killing baby in her care

Remember 3-year-old Autumn Elgersma? She died last year at the hands of her caregiver in Orange City, Iowa when the woman pushed her to the floor and factured her skull. The killer, Rochelle Sapp, ran a day care at her home and confessed to violently throwing the poor Autumn to the ground because she was having trouble taking her coat off. You would think that after confessing to a such cold blooded crime that woman would rot in jail, right? Wrong! The Iowa court has just announced its verdict and you will NOT believe what they decided. 


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Sapp somehow avoided a life sentence and may just be facing fifteen to twenty years. That woman is a monster and she deserves way worse than what she got. She confessed and investigators found hard evidence, including chilling text messages on her cell phone! Jennifer Elgersma, the mother of little Autumn remembered that she received a phone call from Sapp saying that the girl was unresponsive after she fell down the stairs. When the mother got there, they rushed the baby to the hospital, but doctors couldn't do much because of her serious injuries. They transported her in a helicopter to a bigger hospital in North Dakota but sadly the child died two days later.

Doctors found fractured skull and determined death by homicide. Jennifer was crushed and knew Sapp was the killer. Months prior her death, little Autumn went home with a broken lip, bruised face and body. Jennifer always believed Sapp explanations and didn't question her behavior. I'm sorry, but this kills me! I know Jennifer needed help and probably couldn't afford to send Autumn to another place, but I don't understand why she ignored the signs of physical abuse. So sad! How a murderer like that is allowed to run a day care? This story is not new and justice needs to be served here because these killers shouldn't get away.

Forgive me, but I think the criminal laws in Iowa need to be revised. It blows my mind that the killer confessed to a first degree murder and didn't get life in prison. Wow! She got something called "an indeterminate sentence of up to 100 years" and according to prosecutors, that translate to up to twenty years in jail. That's not enough! She needs to spend her whole life in jail because she picked on an innocent child and killed her. She knew what she was doing and did it anyway. She is a monster and she doesn't deserve any breaks. 

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