Latino holds a gun to baby's head, posts pics for fun (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

gunI love a good joke, don't you? I laugh easily and I fancy myself as someone who has a good sense of humor and isn't easily offended, but you know what's not EVER funny? Pointing a gun at a baby's head. That's why I don't get why 26-year-old Luis Martin Perez Rocha took pictures of himself holding a gun to his 2-year-old nephew's head and then posted them on Facebook as if they were images that made him proud, images that others would delight in seeing. The images are horrifying and when people saw them they flipped the funk out because seeing a baby with a gun to the head is not something you want to see EVER. I'm pretty sure that when you see the image below your jaw will hit the floor.


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apuntando a un bebéDo you see what I'm talking about? This is absolutely one of the most disturbing images I have ever seen.

The pictures were taken at the home that Rocha shareswith his nephew in Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Mexico. Rocha works as a valet and the awful pictures got so much attention because I'm sure everyone with a brain was worried about that baby that his employers hashtag #LordValetParking started trending in Mexico.

Rocha, ended up making a video apology and saying, "The young boy is my nephew who lives in the same house as me and we were playing. I have already contacted police and told them that the gun is a toy and I have offered to provide it if needed as proof of my claim."

Oh, so the gun is a toy?! I'm sorry, but Rocha is an idiot. He knew that no one would think that gun was a toy from the pictures. It doesn't look like a toy, it looks like a real freakin' gun.This payaso is not funny.

You know what else REALLY bothers me about his? That Rocha didn't do this alone. These pictures aren't selfies. Someone else was on camera duty taking the photographs. Even if they were never going to be put on Facebook, who the heck wants these kind of pictures in their family album?

Oh boy, I hope this baby has someone with better judgment taking care of him because this is nonsense. Where are this baby's parents and why are they letting his idiot tío "play" with him this way?

Imagen vía Thinkstock, Martin Rocha/Facebook

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