Pregnant woman miscarries after getting robbed by teens

This crime is coldblooded and cruel beyond words. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage after being brutally attacked by three British teens who wanted to steal her purse. The tragic robbery caused the victim, who was six weeks pregnant, to lose her baby. The 43-year-old woman was just innocently waiting for the bus when her day took a dark turn. 


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The three teens were able to run away with her purse. I don't know how much she was carrying in there, but I doubt any of it was worth killing an innocent unborn fetus. What makes it even scarier is that these boys are only teens. Imagine what they will be capable of when they get older. Reportedly, two of the perpetrators were caught and arrested while one still remains on the streets.

The detective on the case Roger Smethurst told reporters, "This is a shocking and tragic case, and one that will undoubtedly have a lasting psychological impact upon the poor victim." Of course, how can it not? This woman needs justice for having lost her baby. This innocent creature's life was cut short so some tough guys could run away with a wallet. Maybe the other two men will snitch and reveal the identity of the other person who was involved.

I personally think that these teens should be charged with murder or at the very least serve some hard time for the crime they committed. This poor woman has to live with the fact that she lost her child because of a violent act she had no control over. I get that they are only teens, but they were old enough to understand that robbing and attacking someone is wrong. I wonder what their own mothers think of this all!

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