Pregnant woman held at gunpoint for speeding on way to hospital

A pregnant woman was practically held at gunpoint in Fort Dodge, Iowa for speeding on her way to the hospital. Rachel Kohnen and her husband, Ben Kohnen had refused to pull over their speeding car because they were trying to get to the hospital in time to have their fourth child. But cops didn't take their refusal lightly. Wait until you hear what else happened!


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The couple was rushing to the hospital at about 4 a.m. Tuesday morning. Rachel Kohnen was already in labor and they were worried about her giving birth in the car. According to police, Ben Kohnen was driving at 85 mph in a 55 mph zone. A police officer tried to signal them to pull over, but the Kohnens refused to stop the car, afraid it would delay them from making it to the hospital on time.

Here's where things get worse. The officer then called for backup and that's when police started laying tire spikes on the road to blow out their tires. The couple was then asked to get out of the car, were ordered to get on the ground and were held at gunpoint until the cops finally realized what was happening. After recognizing that Rachel Kohnen was in labor, police escorted the couple to the hospital where she gave birth an hour later to the couple's fourth child, Hazel, a beautiful baby girl who was born weighing close to 10 pounds.

"I think I was screaming, 'Oh, dear God, we can't have the baby in the car,'" Rachel Kohnen told NBC 13. I'm just glad everyone is doing all right. The mother gave birth on time, the baby was born healthy and police chose not to charge the couple with anything. "Normally when you get somebody clocked like that and they fail to pull over, the first thought in my mind is we've got somebody drunk or on drugs," Manson Police Chief Tom Ritts told the Daily News. But after seeing what the rush was all about, police decided to cut the couple a break and thank God they did!

Image via NBC 13

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