Woman sent a text message to her dead grandmother's phone & got a reply from beyond

Sheri Emerson from England, buried her beloved grandmother in 2011 after she lost her battle to bowel cancer. The grandmother loved her family and always wanted to stay in contact with them. She enjoyed sending text messages to all of them throughout the day and when she died, she was buried with her cell phone. For the past three years all the members of the family had been texting grandma and Sheri was shocked when she received a reply from the dead.


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Can you imagine? You texted your dead grandmother as you always have for the past three years and suddenly the screen on your phone reads "I'm watching over you. It's all going to be better. Just push through". What? If that were me, I would have died instantly! How is that even possible? Sheri, her dad and uncle always texted grandma and talked to her about things that made them sad. They said they missed her and loved her, but they never thought she was going to reply.

Before you freak out or think that this is a Halloween prank, let me explain the situation. Sheri did receive the text message from her dead grandmother's phone, but thankfully it wasn't from her. The phone carrier broke their promise to disconnect the phone line and gave her number to another customer. The new owner had been reading the messages from the family members and thought it was funny to reply as the grandmother. What a creep! I'm sorry, the messages the grieving family members were sending were private and that person shouldn't have read them.

The mystery was solved when Sheri asked who was on the other line sending the message and the person replied "a disturbing vegetarian".  Yes, you are! That person has a very dark sense of humor because I'm sure he realized what was happening. Sheri and her dad complained to the carrier and they apologized for their mistake. The damage is done, and I'm sure they are not going to be able to text their grandma anymore. I feel bad for them because we all have our ways to cope with death and now their way is ruined.

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