Couple wants to adopt baby they found in the trash & you will not believe what's stopping them

A couple interested in adopting the newborn they rescued from a trash can last week has begun the adoption process. The only issue is that the mother of the discarded newborn and her own parents still hold the rights to the child even though they tried to throw the baby away! Jimmy and Annette Alvarez briefly cared for the baby after a homeless man found the child in a dumpster near Sunnyside Apartments in Merced, California, wrapped in a towel, covered in gnats, and with her umbilical cord sill attached.


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While the Alvarez family has taken the first step in the adoption process, which is an adoption orientation, it doesn't indicate their request for a specific child. Still, the couple has been upfront about their hopes to take in the little girl that was inhumanely discarded at the crack of dawn and left to die. The child's mother was later found to be a 13-year-old girl, who admitted to giving birth to the baby and throwing her away. The teen's mother was not aware that her daughter was with child. The baby's father has yet to be named.

There has been an outpouring of support since the news went public with people who want to help the baby and even adopt her. This girl is clearly not ready to be a mother and didn't even care to leave the baby in safe hands. She was probably terrified and confused and wanted to forget the whole pregnancy even happened. The fact that her own mother didn't know something was up with her daughter is disconcerting to say the least and raises so many questions. How and why did she get pregnant? Who was she rolling around with behind her mom's back? What else has she been getting into on the low? These are all things I'd love to know about my child at all times.

There's no turning a blind eye or asking little kids to fend for themselves. You're the parent! Act like it and then teach your child to be just as responsible. It's not just a sad story because of what this teen went through--and who knows whether she was sexually abused by someone much older--but also because now a child's life is at stake. A child who didn't ask to be brought into this world and deserves a fair chance at a good life with loving and responsible parents. Let's hope this baby receives at least that.

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