10-year-old boy beat 90-year-old woman to death with her own cane

tristen kurilla cane murderA Pennsylvania boy has been charged as an adult in the death of an elderly woman whom his abuelito had been caring for. Prosecutors in Wayne County said 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla confessed to beating 90-year-old Helen Novak Saturday, after she'd yelled at him and ordered him out of her room. According to the pint-sized killer, he became enraged at the elderly woman, grabbed her cane, and used it to hook her around the neck, pulling her onto the bed, where he punched her repeatedly in the face and stomach! Oh, my gosh! What in the hell is wrong with this kid? Well, his understandably distraught mother says she has some idea of why her son may have done such a thing.


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According to Tristen's mother, Martha Virbitsky, the grade schooler has some seriously mental health issues. She told police she "has had a lot of trouble with Tristen and that he has some mental difficulties." I'll say. Well-adjusted children don't go around beating people down simply because they pissed them off. What Tristen did was deplorable, to say the least. Not only did he murder an innocent woman, in cold blood, for no other reason than because she yelled at him (really, there's never a good reason), but the kid had the cojones to initially try and play it off as if the viejita had just gotten hurt, on her own. That's pretty sick!

According to state police, Tristen went to his grandfather and told him that Novak was bleeding from her mouth, but denied he'd been the one to harm her. It wasn't until Novak had passed, that Tristen finally fessed up, telling his stunned mother what he'd done. According to local police, he told his mother "he got mad, lost his temper and grabbed a cane and put it around Novak's throat," after which point he "pulled Novak down on the bed and held the cane on her throat and then punched her numerous times."

Thankfully, his mother did the right thing. Virbitsky reportedly brought Tristen to the state police barracks at Honesdale Saturday afternoon, at which point Tristen was advised of his rights and interviewed. He confessed everything. Tristen has since been charged as an adult with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Tristen is one of a growing number of minors being tried as adults in the U.S. today. Earlier this year, a pair of 12-year-old girls were charged with attempted homicide after they allegedly stabbed another girl to death as an homage to a fictional boogieman known as "Slender Man." In Massachusetts, a 14-year-old boy was charged with raping and murdering his high school teacher, and is set to be tried as an adult. And now we have Tristen--the youngest of the group…so far.

I have no idea what's going on with these kids. Some, like Tristen's mother, blame mental illness. Others blame the internet, pop culture, television, music, Miley Cyrus, rap music, and everything in between. However what I'm not hearing is anyone blaming the actual culprits. I'm of the belief that sometimes people do terrible things simply because they want to. They lack self-control, for whatever reason. For some people, it's because they were never held accountable by their parents, or taught right from wrong. Some were told that they have a mental illness when all they needed was structure and consequences. And of those kids, some will end up having to learn those life lessons in prison. It's a crying shame. This could have been avoided, maybe, had they been prepared to someday become a responsible adult...before they would eventually be tried as one.

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