Pastor forced abortions & allowed sexual abuse of kids in congregation

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Twenty one former members of Akron's Grace Cathedral church are accusing their leader, televangelist, Ernest W. Angley of running a cult and he denies the whole thing. A self-proclaimed prophet, Angley forcefully encouraged men to get vasectomies and women to have abortions because people shouldn't want to bring children into this evil world. Members now claim he did it because he wanted all of their attention and money. These are people who will never have children. They have been deprived of parenthood.

Several former members are saying that leaders of the church molested them as children and teens and when they told Angley he encouraged them to keep that secret. Child molesters were allowed to run rampant while scared children were reassured that if it became an ongoing thing, he'd make sure it stopped. It never did. These children were stripped of their innocence and no one ever came to their rescue. It was accepted.


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Religion numbs us to the pain and ugliness of the world. It gives us hope where we have no right to have any. It's a good thing. But there are people who put so much faith into their faith it seeps over onto the people who lead their religion. They forget, people are just people.

Preachers and reverends and Fathers are all just people and leading the church is their job, underneath it all, they are still very fallible human beings and some are even monsters. Need I remind you of Jim Jones, the psycho in Waco, Fred Phelps Sr. of the Westboro Baptist Church or worse still, Warren Jeffs? I could, unfortunately, go on for days.

I think it's great when someone chooses to dedicate themselves and their lives to their faith. It's a huge undertaking and full of secular sacrifice but I have always had a very healthy understanding that even leaders of religion can make mistakes or make bad choices. Ernest Angley is 93 years old, he a had a lifetime to do good in the world, instead he squandered his life on doing terrible, horrible things to his followers, all the while, betraying their trust and their faith. He is the worst kind of monster, the kind who positions himself as a savior but personifies evil.

Personally, I think this man is a monster and he's so old, that death would not even be a punishment. He needs to be betrayed by his faith in himself; dethroned and called out for being the charlatan that he is. If he believes in God, as he pretends to do, then he should know that he will be judged harshly when his time comes.

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