Little girl's fingers hacked off for satanic sacrifice

axeA Czech teenager took a 10-year-old girl on a play date in the woods, but instead of playing innocent games like hide-and-seek, the teen tied the young girl up against a tree and chopped her fingers off with an ax. The reason for the senseless act? She wanted to make a sacrifice to Satan! Where on earth do kids get such crazy ideas and then the tools to act upon them?


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Alena Skrivankova, 15, picked up Jitka Svehlova, 10, from her home and told the girl's parents they were going to the woods to play. Little did they know that their child was about to be attacked by this crazy predator looking to complete a satanic ritual. The teen tied Svehlova to a tree and started cutting her fingers off with an ax. Luckily, the child was able to break free during the attack and escape alive. Otherwise, who know what else that possessed teen would have offered up to the devil. When police found Skrivankova, she was still hanging out at the scene of the crime with the ax and her friend's fingers in her hands.

This is enough to want to raise a child in a bubble with no friends. It reminds me of the two girls from Wisconsin who stabbed a third girl 19 times this summer as a sacrifice to the fictional and super creepy character Slender Man. I know someone's mind can flip and go crazy from one day to the next, but I'd also like to think that there would be signs that something like this was coming up. I would want to know who my child is hanging out with, who their parents are, and what they're getting into when they're in my house and under someone else's roof. The thing is you can't keep watch over your children every single second. Now that a world of information both good and bad is so accessible to them, you don't know what they're reading or what their friends are researching. Thankfully, this little girl was able to run to safety and can live to be a teenager herself.

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