Nurse killed 38 patients, then took selfies with corpses​

Italian police suspect former nurse Daniela Poggiali may have taken dozens patients to an early grave, because she reportedly found their worried family members to be super annoying. What a sicko! The 42-year-old Italian "nurse Ratched" was arrested Friday as part of an investigation into the mysterious death of an elderly patient who police believe Poggiali may have injected with a lethal dose of potassium chloride. Sickening, right? Well, that's not even the half of it. According to local authorities, Poggiali may be responsible for up to 38 patients' deaths, including one patient with whom she took a selfie after they passed away. ¡Qué desgraciada!


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According to Poggiali's coworkers, this woman is a real piece of…work. They describe her as a "cold, polished" person who would sometimes sedate patients who bothered her during her shift. And should a fellow medical professional get on her bad side, well it seems she had something up her sleeve for them, también. Coworkers say they suspected Poggiali would give patients laxatives at the end of her shift to embarrass whomever worked right after her. Wow, she's a piece of…work. But that's not all. Poggiali's coworkers say that they also noticed patients would suddenly worsen and die during her shift. Not surprisingly, police and coworkers alike took all of this as a giant, flashing sign that something was seriously amiss.  

Things all came to a head when 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni passed away suddenly from a potassium overdose while under Poggiali's care. The New York Post reports Calderoni had been admitted to the hospital for a routine illness, before she died unexpectedly. Upon further investigation, doctors discovered the patient had been injected with a large dose of potassium overdose, which can trigger cardiac arrest and be hard to trace because it leaves the body soon after death. Talk about sketchy.

Calderoni's sudden death triggered an investigation that led police to discover a disturbing snap of Poggiali giving a thumbs up next to a deceased patient. That's beyond terrible! Who in the world does that? I know you shouldn't try anyone in the court of public opinion, but if those photos are, in fact, real, then I can't help but believe that this woman is a terrible person. It's no wonder police believe she may have killed up to 38 patients who "needed extra care or had pushy relatives." I'm inclined to believe the same.  

I get that nurses put up with a lot of bull, but that's no excuse for any of them to go rogue and set out on a sick killing spree. Really, putting up with anxious patients and their family members is par for the course. It really should go without saying that when you're a medical professional, you do not treat illnesses; you treat people with illnesses. So you'd better learn how to treat them with respect.

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