Mom finds chilling video of nanny abusing twins thanks to their big brother

Baby monitorTrust is overrated--especially when it comes to the strangers we hire to care for our beloved children. A mother in Fontana, California, learned this lesson all too well after nanny cam footage revealed that Dana Cash, the woman she'd hired to look after her kids, was abusing her 1-year-old twins. The mother, who did not want to be identified in the media, said she'd installed the nanny cameras as a precaution but was only prompted to review the footage after her 8-year-old son mentioned that Cash had vigorously shaken his baby sister. Intuitively, the boy knew the caretaker's actions were wrong and felt compelled to tell his mom about the incident. Horrified, the mother found the video and witnessed the appalling actions for herself.


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In addition to footage of Cash shaking her 1-year-old daughter, she discovered videos showing the reckless nanny putting her hand over the child's mouth and that of her twin brother and yanking them by the arm, flailing them around like rag dolls. It was the last thing she expected to witness--particularly given that she'd hired Cash after finding her on popular resource for those seeking babysitters, dog walkers, house sitters, and adult caretakers--and finding no red flags and getting a clear background check. After watching the first video, the outraged mother fired Cash and reported her actions to the authorities. Cash was arrested by San Bernardino County officers on suspicion of child abuse and is currently out on bail.

Having gone through such a terrifying ordeal, the mother of three is imploring other parents to install nanny cams and listen to any concerns or gripes voiced by their children.

I can't even imagine the rage this mother must have felt while sitting there and watching the hair-raising footage of this heartless wench shaking her baby girl. Cash's rough handling of the child could have led to tragedy--after all, shaking a baby can result in anything from brain damage to blindness, hearing loss, seizures, spinal cord damage, speech impediment, and even death. It's awful enough to know that your child was mistreated, but to witness it--even after the fact--must be a bone-chilling experience.

Worst of all, I imagine the mom feels overwhelming guilt over hiring Cash but, really, she shouldn't. It could've happened to anyone. The frightening truth is that, more often than not, the babysitters, daycare center workers, and nannies we employ are complete strangers, and all we have to assuage our fears are background checks, online reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and first impressions --all of which can prove to be erroneous.

In this day and age, I suggest installing several nanny cams, dropping by unannounced, running your own background checks, and basically erring on the side of caution--well, caution bordering on paranoia. It's sad that trust is no longer an option, but it simply isn't.

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