Crazy couple has 145 exotic pets living with their kids

Couple Jamie and Michelle Mintram and their two children, Chloe and Josh are an average family, the only difference is that they share their home with 145 pets. That's right! This very particular family has an arsenal of animals of different species living with them at their Norfolk home in England. I'm not talking about a bunch of cats, some puppies and tons of birds, nope. I'm talking about chinchillas, a boa constrictor called "Big Mamma" and a baby crocodile.


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I think those parents are crazy! Some of the animals are in cages, but others are running around free in the house. The children and the animals share most of their living space, even the toilet! I think this family is looking for trouble because a lot of the type of animals they have in their home can't be domesticated. They have snakes and chameleons in the kids' rooms and that doesn't seem right to me. Accidents happen, these animals could easily get out of the cages and hurt the children!

The children love having all the animals in their home and they feel very lucky. I mean, most kids grow up begging for a little lap dog and they never get it and these two have exotic animals in their house. They even have a raccoon! Call me crazy, but I think this is a tragedy waiting to happen. I couldn't sleep soundly knowing that there are snakes and twenty different types of lizards in my kids' bedroom. Children are children and they could forget to close the cage properly before they go to bed.

This year so far there have been 2,091 incidents involving pets in the United States alone and most of them involved one "exotic" animal. Eighty three of those incidents were fatal. I wonder what the statistic is in the United Kingdom because this family has a lot of animals. The couple keep their home and their pets clean and they don't have them in the kitchen, but I think the authorities should intervene. I don't think some of those pets should be in captivity because they are wild and ferocious. I wish them good luck with their petting zoo and I hope everything goes well.

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