Beaten by men she cheated on & it's all caught on video

Honestly, what kind of men are these? A new video of two men confronting and beating a woman who allegedly cheated on them both has gone viral. In the graphic clip titled "Love In Singapore," two men are seen throwing punches at the woman's head as she desperately cries and asks for forgiveness. They should have been socked in the face and hit with a mean bofetada from their mamas for pulling this sort of disgusting crap. 


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The video is so violent that it made me cringe. The woman isn't posing a threat and is just sitting there being remorseful. Even if she did cheat, no woman deserves to get punched in the head repeatedly and treated like trash. This is just wrong. While watching the video is difficult, I think it brings to light how prominent violence against women can be.

It is often an act that is kept in silence, but here they are airing it out for everyone to see. It forces you to confront what countless women often suffer behind closed doors. Since the violent crime was caught on camera, my hope is that these men get arrested and charged for assault. It probably made them feel like big men that they were able to pull this nasty and spiteful act.

Since their egos got torn to shreds, their answer was to join together and beat on an innocent woman. I know that a scorned heart is capable of almost anything, but pulling this is just cruel and heartless. I hope the woman never has to see these jerks ever again. If I were her, I would pay someone to return the favor right back to them. It isn't the most ethical response, but I am all about an eye for an eye. You'll agree with me once you watch the video. 

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