SEE: Woman finds leech in her nose!

See this lovely happy looking young lady? She is 24-year-old Daniela Liverani from Edinburgh, Scotland. While on a recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, she started getting recurring nosebleeds. She says, "I'd fallen off a motorbike just before (the nosebleeds) started, so at first I thought I must have burst a blood vessel." Boy was she wrong! Back home from her trip, she was taking a shower on Thursday when this thing protruded out of her nose all the way down to her lip. She jumped out of the shower, wiped the steam off the mirror and saw that she had brought home a huge leech up her nose! Oh and just in case that isn't enough to freak you out, wait until you find out how long that disgusting parasite was AND how long it was in her nose.


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She had that leech up in her nose for at least a month! The crazy thing is that she had seen the leech in her nose and even felt it moving up and down, but says, "Your initial reaction isn't to start thinking, oh God, there's obviously a leech in my face." But on Thursday when she saw that the thing hanging out of her nose had ridges and all, she rushed to the hospital where the leech removed. Liverani has a great sense of humor because she even named her leech Mr. Cury. Mr. Curly was 3 inches long at the time of removal!!! That's like longer than my thumb!

Thank goodness Liverani has a sense of humor about the whole thing otherwise it would be all too traumatizing. I mean look at this thing!

I live in fear of something like this happening. Why? Because when I was a kid one of my tías got a cucaracha in her her ear that had to be removed by a doctor. I don't even know how that's possible. Bugs are not supposed to like the wax in your ears. I don't know what happened, but that cucaracha se norteó and died up in her ear.

Great, now I have leeches and cucarachas to worry about. The good news is that both Liverani and my tía are just fine.

Image via The Todd Show/Twitter, Daniela Liverani/Facebook

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