Pastor's wife stabs her daughters so they can meet Jesus

I really hate when people do terrible things in the name of religion. A 47-year-old mom from Chicago is currently being accused of trying to kill her three daughters and you'll never believe her reason for doing it. Pamela Christensen met police officers in front of her home wearing a white shirt soaked in blood. She confessed to attempted murder and claims she was only trying to kill them so they could meet Jesus Christ. Can you freaking believe this? But wait, there's more!


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According to reports, Pamela and her pastor husband Vaughn Christensen were in the middle of a messy divorce. Supposedly she even had a restraining order against him claiming that he had been violent towards her and the children. He's even made suicide threats. But what I find strange is that if this man was so violent and crazy, why was she taking instructions from him?

That's right, Christensen claims she had received messages from her estranged husband instructing her to get their three daughters "ready to meet Jesus," which according to her meant killing them. She had dressed the girls in all white and tried to get them to drink a poison cocktail she prepared, made with detergent and other household chemicals. But the girls refused to drink it. That's when this loca started attacking them with a knife.

Police found all three girls, ages 12,16 and 19 upstairs and covered in blood. Two of them had suffered stab wounds to the chest and ironically enough Christensen had also stabbed herself in the chest and abdomen. The girls claim that before their mother attempted to stab them she had asked all three of them whether they had accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. This woman is sick! Ugh!

I don't know whether Christensen's husband actually gave her those insane instructions, but one thing is certain--this mother is out of her mind! She very obviously suffers from severe mental illness and I really feel sorry for her three daughters. Can you imagine how traumatized they must be from all this? Even if they never see their crazy mother again, they are going to live the rest of their lives remembering that she tried to kill them in the name of Jesus Christ!

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