Woman dies from botched plastic surgery in Colombia

A Puerto Rican woman's life was cut short after getting a botched plastic surgery procedure in Colombia. Nancy Santana Garcia traveled to the Latin American country for a more affordable liposuction procedure that turned deadly. Apparently, the 45-year-old woman was fine after going under the knife, but her health took a turn for the worse once she was taken to a recovery room at a hotel. 


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Garcia's ex-boyfriend Juan M. González Hernández told reporters that Nancy confirmed that she made it to the recovery room and was doing well, but the business owner didn't survive the plastic surgery procedure to make her waistline smaller. Her body was flown back to Puerto Rico where she was buried in her hometown of Patillas. "Nancy was a hardworking woman, a fighter--she was a woman with goals. She set her mind to get the surgery done and worked towards that," he said. He also mentioned that she was beautiful the way she was, but just wanted a flatter tummy.

There are so many stories out there like Garcia's. The even sadder part is that women still end up traveling abroad for plastic surgeries. They shop around for the cheapest price, but most places outside of the U.S. have poor safety regulations. Also in the U.S., if anything terrible goes wrong during surgery, the patient has legal rights and is allowed to sue.

I think that security is worth the extra money. If you don't have the funds to do it the right way, then I think you should stop yourself from doing this. But these cases are never going to go away as long as the possibility of attaining a beautiful body at a budget price exists out there. I think it is just easier to accept your chichos for what they are and just embrace the miracle work of a faja. It is way safer and has been done by Latinas for centuries. 

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