WATCH: Idiot passenger jokes about having Ebola & gets thrown off plane

Ebola punta cana us airwaysUn sinvergüenza passenger aboard a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic thought it would be simply hi-larious to "jokingly" tell his fellow passengers that he has the deadly Ebola virus. Yeah, no. It wasn't funny. The idiot allegedly yelled "I have Ebola," causing widespread panic aboard the U.S. Airways flight, and causing a massive delay when authorities had to isolate the plane upon arrival in Punta Cana, and board the plane wearing hazmat suits! Can you imagine what that must have been like? There you are, thinking you've been exposed to a deadly virus that just recently claimed a man's life in the U.S. I can tell you one thing: I wouldn't be laughing. I'd be crying right up until the point that that man got his comeuppance. Which he did, in the best possible and most public way.


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Several passengers captured the moment in which authorities boarded the plane wearing hazmat suits to escort the allegedly infected hoaxer off the plane, and posted the video on YouTube. The 8-minute clip shows passengers booing the would-be jokestser as he's escorted off the plane, but not before my new hero, an unidentified flight attendant calls him out on his stupidity. "I've been doing this 36 years," she remarks. "I think the man that did this is an idiot."

Can we have a slow-clap for this woman? She's absolutely right. He's an idiot. According to fellow passengers, he'd been coughing throughout the flight, which is gross and worrisome enough as it is, especially during flu season. But then he decided he wanted to take things to another level, and allegedly exclaimed that he'd been to Africa and had Ebola. What was he thinking? The entire world has been in panic mode as of the last few weeks, with many fearing that they may potentially contract the deadly virus.

Thank goodness the man didn't actually have the virus. He was detained at Punta Cana International Airport where he underwent extensive medical checks and was interviewed by airport officials before it was confirmed he did not have Ebola. He does, however, appear to the flu, according to Walter Zemialkowski, the airport's director of terminals and maintenance, the Daily Mail reports. I might also add that he has a severe case of Sinbolas--a terrible affliction that causes adults to do stupid, tasteless things, like claim that they have Ebola. As far as we know, Sinbolas isn't contagious.

However, Ebola is. Though I should note that it's extremely difficult to contract. You would only be at risk if you came into very close contact with the blood, saliva, sweat, feces, semen, vomit or soiled clothing of an Ebola patient, or if you had traveled to the impacted areas in West Africa and came into contact with someone who had Ebola, according to Phew!

All in all, I'm glad everyone on that plane was deemed to be safe and healthy. As for the dummy who thought it would be funny to joke about Ebola, I hope he remains healthy as well. I wouldn't wish this virus on anyone, no matter how tactless or tasteless they are. Stay healthy, my friends.

Watch the full  video of this douche being escorted off the plane here:

Image via Patrick Narvaez/YouTube

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