Drunk mom strips and drives naked with toddler on her lap

drunk naked mom driving with toddler on her lap arrestedHave you ever been so wasted that you decide to take off all of your clothes and drive with your toddler on your lap? No? Yeah, me neither, but apparently it happens because  Lyndsey Baker was caught driving nude, drunk, and with a toddler on her lap on Sunday. Por Díos, I do believe this is the first case ever of someone being arrested for that trifecta. She was caught because an eye witness couldn't believe her eyes and called the police. Wait 'til you hear this whole cuento, it's too much and really, poor toddler!


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It was around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday in Corpus Cristi, Texas when the cops got a call from a witness saying that she saw a woman strip naked before getting into a car and driving off. The police caught up with the nude motorist and were surprised to see that not only was she all pompis afuera, she had her 3-year-old son on her lap. Pendeja! The 28-year-old mother is now in jail and the child is with his father.

The only reason I can even make light of this situation is because the child did not get hurt. First of all, good job on the part of the witness who called when she saw Baker strip down to her birthday suit before getting behind the wheel. Thank goodness she called in this drunk mom's crazy behavior. Otherwise, who knows what could have happened.

I can't even imagine how intoxicated this woman must have been to do what she did. And it was so dang early in the morning! Was she up all night drinking or what? It doesn't really matter, but it boggles my mind so much that I'm trying to find an explanation for it when clearly there is none or at least not one that will make any sense.

Again, I am so happy she was caught and that the little boy was not hurt.

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