Toddler killed by father distracted with GPS device

GPSA father entered his worst nightmare after accidentally driving over his 14-month-old daughter while pulling out of his driveway. The tragedy occurred when the Louisiana man and his wife were tinkering with their GPS device in the car and didn't notice the toddler crawling in front of the truck's back tire. The child was struck and killed when the dad started driving away. I can't even imagine the heartbreak and shock at finding out what he'd done and it reminds me of a few recent incidents in which a child's life was taken too soon because someone wasn't being vigilant enough. Toddlers are immensely curious and don't understand the concept of danger so it's important to make sure that we keep them out of harm's way. Below, 8 tips on keeping toddlers safe.


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  1. Baby proof your home by keeping toxic items out of reach, covering corners, and covering electrical outlets.
  2. Make sure to lock doors behind you and install baby gates to keep children out of hazardous rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. In the kitchen, prevent burn incidents by cooking on the back burners, turning pot handles away, and keeping all cords out of reach.
  4. Childproof your windows and keep cords for window shades out of reach.
  5. Keep a close eye on your child to notice what he's capable of doing. You might think he can't unhook that latch today, but he might turn into a little Houdini overnight.
  6. Pay extra close attention to a child during play dates (you never know what trouble a group of toddlers could get themselves into) and if you're having guests over, make sure one person is assigned to full-time baby-watching duty. Incidents can occur when adults assume that someone else is watching the child.
  7. Check all toys for removable pieces that can be swallowed and check that the age group for each gift your child receives is appropriate for her.
  8. Teach your toddler about water safety or sign her up for swim lessons if she's ready. She might not turn into a little mermaid, but learning how to turn on her back and float could be a lifesaver.
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